We Merge Energy & Data
to Enhance Districts’
Energy Efficiency

The Community System powered by

A middleware platform that seamlessly integrates, analyzes and manages data from multiple networks. The Community System’s powerful cloud-based platform is the backbone of the Industrial Internet (PI Software), collecting information from more than 1.5 billion data streams in 127 countries and used by 65% of Fortune 5OO Companies.

The Community System

The Community System uses people as Sensors, buildings as Nodes and infrastructures as Networks, a whole systems thinking approach that  changes the way communities will retrofit, build and manage themselves in the 21st century (“Smart”, “Intelligent” or “Digital Cities”). This system recognizes the need for constant evolution, the clear metrics and analytics, and increased interconnection between all the elements of a community.

The system enables users to accelerate the digital transformation of their communities into Smart Energy Districts. The platform simplifies engagement, upgrades, connectivity and energy services management: it is an integrated solution that makes our cities and utilities more efficient, secure and energy resilient.

The Community System allows cities and its citizens to make better decisions about their use of energy and other resources. It, helps them create a more sustainable city, dramatically improves their level of engagement, and gives them the tools they need to become more resilient.