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Our Engagement feature enables utilities to leverage the full force of social media by adding the power of games to theinteractive dynamics of social networks, transforming social media from a messaging channel into a motivational tool. Rather than thinking of social media as just another connection between the utility and the customer, the tool enables utilities create connections between customers, motivating them to engage socially in their own energy use.


Social Engagement

Personalized Notifications and Alerts

Individual Challenges

Efficiency Ranking and Comparison with your Neighbors

Awards and Points


Our Upgrade feature is an energy economic optimization tool that enables owners to identify, assess, design, finance and develop distributed energy resources on their properties, or allows developers to select business opportunities for optimal deployment. The tool closes the gap between analysis and automation, providing the user the ability to evaluate and make upgrade decisions based on energy savings, potential revenues from grid services, and asset resiliency factors.


Selection, Assessment & Design

Inter-connectivity Automation

Structured Finance

Asset & Project Bundling

Install and Maintain


Our Connect feature is a patent-pending microgrid control system that utilizes the integration of data security and distributed generation intelligence working in harmony with the utility grid in order to optimize and control operations. The control system integrates real-time grid conditions with dynamic forecasts of any power generation asset connected to our network, adjusting loading schedules for the dispatch of DERs and power from the utility grid to maximize your energy savings. It also provides the user with multiple grid services with real time monetizing opportunities.


DER Asset Aggregation

Dynamic Capacity & Peak Shaving

Demand Response

Frequency Regulation

Virtual Trading


Our Manage energy service platform maximizes the economic returns of behind-the-meter distributed energy resources systems alone, or in combination with, the utility grid. The platform was architected to operate any power generation assets connected to our network, providing services to deliver the highest financial returns across the broadest range of energy generation, utility rate structures and economic use cases, both today and in the future. The Grid Edge Intelligence Engine integrates cloud-based data analytics to deliver continuous optimization of economic returns, future-proofing power generation assets over their 20-year life cycle.


Business Intelligence

Service Operation Control

Market Creation Management

Tactical Planner

We are addressing the utility sector’s connected grid cybersecurity challenge, while providing intelligence and efficiency to the overall energy flow of the city.

A True Network